Who is Madeleine Brent?

Doubleday1In 1969 Peter OŽDonnel was asked if he could imagine writing a Gothic novel for Souvenir Press. He was not particularly enthusiastic about it, but let himself be persuaded to give it a try - under a female alias, though, because this kind of books was meant for a mainly female audience. Peter OŽDonnell decided upon the name Madeleine Brent. MB - Modesty BlaiseŽs initials ...

Peter OŽDonnell wrote the first four chapters as an experiment, then heard no more about it for a long time, until an American publisher got hold of the manuscript and was enthused. Now Peter had a problem. Because heŽd never thought the project would be a success he had no idea how his story was going to end ...

But TregaronŽs Daughter proved to be a great success in America as well as in Europe and eight further novels of this genre followed. His American publisher never learnt that Madeleine Brent was a nom de plume for more than twenty years and the correspondence invariably went to Dear Madeleine. To give his signature a more female touch Peter OŽDonnell had his wife sign the answering letters.

And of course Madeleine Brent could never personally receive the literary awards she won with her novels ...


The Madeleine Brent novels:


Tregaron's Daughter, 1971
Moonraker's Bride, 1973
Kirkby's Changeling, Stranger at Wildings, 1975
Merlin's Keep, 1977
The Capricorn Stone, 1979
The Long Masquerade, 1981
A Heritage of Shadows, 1983
Stormswift, 1984
Golden Urchin, 1986