Cobra Trap

Cobra Trap02Cobra Trap


From this printing: Modesty Blaise ... is back in top form in this thrilling collection of five stories. (...) The first story, ´Bellman´, sees her in her early Network days. (...) ´The Dark Angels´ finds her retired from The Network. (...) In Óld Alex´ she is trapped by an unknown enemy in a remote part of the Pyrenees. (...) The fourth story, ´The Girl with the Black Balloon´, features an unexpected ally in the shape of a girl who seeks to sublimate the earthly aspects of her nature by going up in al balloon. (...) In the title story, ´Cobra Trap´, the dauntless pair face the most testing assignment of their lives -- to rescue their friends who are trapped by rebels in the jungle of Central America.


Countless authors have tried to kill their heroes and heroines of a series of novels. Arthur Conan Doyle made Sherlock Holmes plunge into the Reichenbach falls - only to resurrect him soon after. Ian Fleming couldnt get rid of James Bond. But Peter O´Donnell tends to do things differently ... (BBTurpin)


As she sat in the cave on that first day, watching a narrow beam of sunlight fall across her thighs, she knew that she had been imprisoned here to die slowly. Somebody had put out a contract on her for an aggravated killing, and whoever was handling the contract had planned it carefully. Only Willie Garvin and Weng, her houseboy, knew what she was doing and where.
Her pack had been taken. She had no food, no water, nothing but the clothes she wore – bra, pants and a cotton dress. The boulder was immovable. A search of the cave had produced little of use; dust, gravel, scattered pieces of rock, feathers, a skeleton of a bird, animal droppings, two or three sticks, and – the only sign of human existence – the empty cigarette packet of a long extinct brand.
Unless somebody freed her by moving the boulder she would die.

Peter O´Donnell, Cobra Trap 1996