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Modesty Blaise Ltd. - Peter ODonnells own website with information only available here!

The Offical Modesty Blaise Website operated by Kent Hedlundh: All you need to know about Modesty Blaise in a nutshell. Lists of comics, books (also in different languages), interviews with Peter ODonnell, MB mailing list.

Jim Gilloglys Modesty Blaise Homepage: Contains an introduction, a bibliography with beautiful scans of all first editions of the novels (hardcover and paperback) and a concordance.

Finnish Modesty Blaise Page (actually written in English, but with Finnish bibliography): A brief biography of Modesty Blaise

Suzanne Axelssons Modesty Page: A Swedish site (unfortunately with popups).

Official Enric Badia Romero Site: Enrique Badia Romero is the artist who drew most Modesty Blaise comics. On this site you can buy original artwork by Romero (including MB panels). You´ll encounter a popup window requiring you to enter user name and password. Just click it away.

The Modesty Blaise Book Covers (by Helen Evans): An almost complete compilation of book covers (English editions)

The Rise and Fall of the Photo-Realistic Newspaper Strip, 1946-1970: A very interesting site with chapters about Jim Holdaway and Enrique Badia Romero, two of the main Modesty Blaise artists. (As of 06.01.2005 the Romero piece is defunct for copyright reasons)

Ken Pierce Books - Ken Pierce Books published a number of MB reprints, some of them still available. You can order most of the comic strips currently in print via this site.

Rick Norwoods Comics Revue - Rick Norwood is the one who reprinted most of the MB strips and he still does in Comics Revue. He also published Modesty Blaise Quarterly with some of the rarest stories. You can place orders for Comics Revue (some back issues available) directly with him, also for his three trade paperbacks containing three MB comics each which are currently in print. Rick ships worldwide. Unfortunately, he keeps a pretty low profile on the Web.

Bookpalace This is a site where you can buy original Modesty Blaise artwork by Jim Holdaway, Enrique Romero, John Burns and Patrick Wright - at a price ...