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Peter Friedrich


Modesty Blaise started her career as a comics heroine and remained for almost forty years in one of the longest running newspaper strips ever (not only in London Evening Standard, but also in other papers all over the world, as far as West Australian Newspaper in Perth) – while standing her ground in 95 completely different 'capers'.
Her first and probably most renowned artist was Jim Holdaway, who was replaced by Enrique Romero after Holdaways early death in 1970. Romero was exceptionally gifted in drawing beautiful women and when he launched his own series, AXA, John M. Burns took over Modesty Blaise. He probably was her most opinionated artist, but didn't go down well with the readers, so he was replaced first by Patrick Wright (only for one and a half episodes) and then by Nevill Colvin, who remained with Modesty Blaise until 1986. When he retired Romero came back and stayed true to her until the very last panel on April 11, 2001. It was the first one in full colour …

Last Strip

The last panel, April 11, 2001