Titan Books


TITAN BOOKS published a series of high quality reprints in the 1980s and only recently have started a new one of perhaps even better quality, this time in chronological order. Each book contains a highly interesting foreword by Peter O´Donnell.


The Gabriel Set-Up, 1984


The Warlords of Phoenix, 1986


The Iron God, 1988


Mister Sun, 1985


Death of a Jester, 1987


Uncle Happy, 1990


The Hell-Makers, 1986


The Puppet Master, 1987

Cover art of these books by John M. Burns


The Gabriel Set-Up: La Machine, The Long Lever, In the Beginning, The Gabriel Set-Up (all drawn by Jim Holdaway)

Mr. Sun: Mr. Sun, The Mind of Mrs. Drake, The Killing Ground (all Jim Holdaway)

The Hell-Makers: The Hell-Makers, The Galley Slaves, The Red Gryphon (all Jim Holdaway)

The Warlords of Phoenix: Take-Over (Holdaway), The Warlords of Phoenix (Holdaway/Romero), Willie the Djinn (Romero)

Death of a Jester: Death of a Jester, The Green-eyed Monster, The Stone-age Caper (all Romero)

The Puppet Master: The Puppet Master, With Love from Rufus, The Bluebeard

Affair (all Romero)

The Iron God: The Iron God, The Wicked Gnomes (all Romero)

Uncle Happy: Uncle Happy, Bad Suki (all Holdaway)


1 - The Gabriel Set-Up, 2004


4 - The Black Pearl, 2004

New 7 Green Exed Monster

7 - The Green-Eyed Monster, 2005

New 10

10 - Cry Wolf, 2006


2 - Mister Sun, 2004


5 - Bad Suki, 2005

New 8

8 - The Puppet Master, 2006

New 11

11 - The Inca Trail,
 July 2007


3 - Top Traitor, 2004

New 6

6 - The Hell Makers, 2005

New 9

9 - The Gallows Bird, 2006

New 12

12 - Death Trap,
 November 2007

Coming June 2008: Yellowstone Booty with the first episode drawn by John Burns


1 - The Gabriel Set-Up, La Machine, The Long Lever, In the Beginning

2 - Mister Sun, The Mind of Mrs. Drake, Uncle Happy

3 - Top Traitor, The Vikings, The Head-Girls

4 - The Black Pearl, The Magnified Man, The Jericho-Caper, The Killing Ground

5 - Bad Suki, The Galley Slaves, The Red Gryphon

(all artwork by Jim Holdaway)

6 - The Hell Makers, Take-Over, The War-Lords of Phoenix

(artwork by Jim Holdaway and - part of War-Lords of Phoenix - Enric Badia Romero)

7 - The Green-Eyed Monster, Willie the Jinn, Death of a Jester (all artwork by Romero)

8 - The Puppet Master, The Stone-Age Caper, With Love from Rufus (Romero)

9 - The Bluebeard Affair, The Gallows Bird, The Wicked Gnomes, Iron God

10 - Take Me To Your Leader, Highland Witch, Cry Wolf

11 - The Inca Trail, The Greenwood Maid, The Reluctant Chaperon, Those About to Die

12 - The Vanishing Dollybirds, The Junk Men, Death Trap